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News 2007 March 2007

  • The NHS trusts set hearing aid target
  • The race is on
  • Straight up
  • Deaf and hard of hearing patients still face barriers in accessing services
  • Sensing the Old Firm atmosphere
  • City’s boost for deaf students
  • New Initiative offers deaf signs of a brighter future
  • Deaf Day 2007
  • 80% of hotels fail to meet basic needs of deaf people
  • Just one click
  • February Evelyn Glennie’s good vibrations
  • Come and meet us!
  • Hearing Clearer Awareness
  • WebCapTel coming soon
  • Still waiting to hear?
  • Additional holiday opportunities
  • Deaf student’s dog turned away from school
  • Mary Hare Hearing Centre Fundraiser voted mum of the year
  • Folic acid may help prevent hearing loss
  • Why cochlear implant users have difficulty understanding Manadarin
  • Got cloth ears at parties?