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About Hearing Concern London

Who are Hearing Concern London?

The Hearing Concern London Website is now an integral part of a group of Private Hearing Consultants in the London Area dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

We are a group of dedicate Hearing Consultants whose main objectives is to provide advice, information and support, to promote communication access and to raise public and professional awareness of the issues associated with hearing loss by providing a service to Patients and other interested parties..


A world in which deaf and hard of hearing people have equality of opportunity and full social inclusion.


To enable and empower deaf and hard of hearing people to participate fully in society.

What does Hearing Concern London do?

Hearing Concern Practices in London has developed a programme of advice, support and treatments for the deaf and hard of hearing in London. We provide:

A Help-desk for deaf and hard of hearing people, their families and friends, whenever they need help or guidance on hearing loss.

We can also assist with up to date information and advice to individuals, professionals and other organisations.

Access and support from our network of practices around the London and the Northern Home Counties, for people of all ages.

We organise Local campaigns to raise public awareness of the rights and needs of hard of hearing people.

We support schemes to give training and advice in the community including group lectures and meetings in the community, Schools and Local Societies.

The promotion of deaf awareness, clear communication and helping patients with hearing loss problems to improve their lifestyle.

A network of Working Hearing and Ear Wax removal practices Based In London dedicated to helping and improving patients suffering from hearing loss.